There are people walking around here with sun tans. I can’t help but be incredibly jealous. Sun tans? It was cloudy for all but two days here. Those two sunny days were wonderful though, except for my poor poor legs, they’re all cut up. Raspberry bushes hurt, dead or not. I’m watching Idol currently, and am beginning to think that they’re trying to pull a Kara/Simon ship off. First Paula/Simon with all their little flirting, and now every time I look Kara is leaning really close to Simon and his arm is around her chair.

If he starts flirting with Ellen we may have a problem, otherwise, tally ho I suppose. Spring break is le over. My first spring break ever in fact, and I see why people enjoy them so much. It’s a whole week to get ahead, in which you can write as many papers/speeches as you want. And the number of chemistry problems you can do … infinite. No kidding. Infinite. Plus, I got to go shopping and watched my siblings swim back and forth and back and forth. My dog is alive … a shock I know, I thought for sure V would kill her. My sister doesn’t feed my puppy guys. My ickle Kudo always has her ribs sticking out when I go home. It’s horrible.

I’ve found no less than four pennies on the sidewalk so far this week. Face up. Someone is losing a lot of change. Bones comes on April 1st, I’m so excited I can’t stand it. I will not be going to SI or anything else that night. Just Bones. At 8. Be excited, they kiss! Or I think they do. I get jumpy and giggly every time the commercial comes on. It’s only a week from Thursday. Right after my Chemistry test, my Chemistry lab report, my Biology lab report lab and my comp speech. Well anyways … no, no, it shall be fine.

I have jolly ranchers! Nothing shall conquer me. Unfortunately I have watched all the Grey’s episodes on the internet. Problemo I think. No more McDreamy and McSteamy. Ideas for the next series to kill? I’m thinking Doctor Who. He has a british accent, that almost makes up for the lack of hair. πŸ™‚ I’ve gotta go work on power points guys, catch you later. Find some sun tomorrow, it’s supposed to be gorgeous.



Sick … Again

Yes, can you believe this? I’ve yet again picked up a bug. Really antibodies. Why do you hate me so. I like you … sort of. Oh well, crash course in dealing or something like that. Apart from the sick thing I’m doing alright. I’ve got tons of tests and quizzes this week. Chemistry test 1 … say a prayer. I will definitely be doing so. The weather this week is most dreary indeed. Rain rain go away … come again never day. I don’t know.

Cough syrup makes me loopy? Let’s go with that excuse. It sounds good. So tonight we are going to attempt another post, reminding myself that I survived the Chemistry exam. Which I am going to do. Yes. With flying colors. We hope. Confidence is half the battle to doing well. I’ll be fine. Deep breaths. Deep breaths are good. And laffy taffy. That stuff is where it’s at.

I sincerely hope ya’ll are feeling alright and having loads of fun with spring semester. Two weeks till spring break … sort of. We’ll make it. Without a doubt we’ll make it. Tally ho crew,

Elisabeth πŸ™‚


First off, good luck to all highschool swimmers this weekend, they’re off to the Highschool State Swim Meat. Go Berean and V. Swim fast ickle V. Eat bubbles and all that fun stuff. Biology 115 has our first test next friday, first Chemistry test is a week from Wednesday, and first composition paper is due Saturday at 6. Please note. 6. First comp conference is next Tuesday, first major project is due Monday, a botox skit, how cool is that.

Speaking of botox, do you know how it works? Botox is the most poisonous toxin known to man, and when you inject it into your muscles it paralyzes them. If you put too much in, you stop breathing. Isn’t that delightful? Also, did you know that in parasailing you’re held in using only velcro? If you fall from the height of parasailing you will die as soon as you hit the water. Because all your bones will break. Delightful ‘fun’ thing. I know.

We had the coolest lab ever in Chemistry this week, I’m talking literally made liquid disappear and then reappear, in like fifteen seconds. It was amazing. End of story. And tonight is Grey’s Anatomy, Lexi went blond, what the heck I know. I did my laundry, be proud. And have gotten so much school done today I feel good about life. I’m not sick, which is always pleasant, and really life looks hunky dorey for the time being. Saturday I shall post again, I think I may make it to the grocery store that day. Cross your fingers.

Until then, talley ho dear readers,


Yah, you read right. It’s supposed to snow 8 inches this weekend. What on earth I know. Because right now, I have my window open, it isn’t that cold. I mean yes, chilly wind, but temperature itself … not so bad. Bones rocked tonight. That’s what Thursday night is honestly, tv night. We have a winning line up. Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Practice. Count em up, four hours of tv. Best night of the whole week in my opinion.

Grace and I have been being mild hermits lately. Rampant stomach bug roaring across campus, that I have no desire to get. And as of today, no stomach bug. Painful back … from who knows what, but no stomach bug. School is back in full swing, this would be day two. I’ve had all my classes, minus Tutorial Training on Tuesday and Bio Lab coming up on Monday and have to say guys, my life rocks my socks right now. So, here we hath le line up.

Biology 115 with Dr. Swann: First off, Dr. Swann is so excited about class, I get excited too, which is always the neatest thing cause you look forward to class. Second off, the book rocks, and mine happens to be sporting the wonderful, the amazing , Orland Bloom AND Johnny Depp. Yah, Pirates are the best. No joke.

Chemistry 122 with Dr. Turner: I’m sorry ya’ll, but I really do like Chemistry. And the molecule of the day deal is so very cool. I currently have caffeine drawn on my hand so I can memorize the shape. Did you know it’s poisonous if you eat too much pure caffeine? Yah, think twice about the soft drinks.

FRS 140: I have law, or something along those lines and Dr. Locklin-Sofer who is just hilarious. Her chalkboard little thing is very cool too. I think Dr. Bruce had one last semester. Neatest things ever, they hold chalk for you, so you don’t have to get it on your fingers. Nice no?

CMP120 with Mrs. Coning: I luff Comp. I really do, writing, speaking, whatever. I just luff Comp. And Mrs. Coning too, she’s super fun. Envy me all Comp 120 people … my class is the best! No, seriously, it is, cause I’m in it. Oh hahahaha. Yah, I won’t quit my day job. Comedy is not my calling I suppose.

If it doesn’t snow up the yin yang tomorrow I shall be going to see a movie I think. When In Rome is out. I think. I’m hazy on the details as you can see. Another thing to work on. However, school is under the belt.

Chemistry shall not conquer I … Jack and Will are on my side!

Rain and J-Term

Can ya’ll believe that J-term ends Friday? Yes, Friday. As in the 23rd. Two days. I’m in awe honestly. What happened to January? And those resolutions … yah. Those. I think I’ll try for mine again in February. It’s still a new year after all … right? Yes. I say so at least. And guys, I just discovered he most amazing show ever. It’s on Spike, right now, and there’s a new episode tonight at 10. Or so says my TV.

Title you might ask? 1000 ways to die. Sounds like my kind of show. So the graphics aren’t looking so hot at the moment. But, maybe it will get better. This guy is being eaten by a wood chipper. Perhaps I’ll be inspired by the gore. Come up with a neat way to murder my next character. Yes. I’m twisted. At least I admit it. But anyways, back to J-Term. I’m definitely going home for the weekend, because I don’t have to be back until Tuesday to register for classes. Upon which I will be going to the book store, purchasing books and some new sweat pants. Because I adore the ones I have. Two pair must be better than one.

Grace and I went swimming today though. Open lap swim, 12:00-2:00, Monday-Thursday. You should join us. It’s quite fun really. And very good for your health. Mind you, fish I am not, sorry V, no 10,000 yards or whatever. I did maybe a 1,000, but I bet mommy is proud of me just the same. So. I get to be a developer in class Friday, which I find exciting. I already made my little poster board and wrote my ‘speech’, masquerading as a letter honestly. And now we have people dying from helium poisoning. Fascinating. Right then, I shall be going. I have to work on researching for an internship this summer. Yup yup, later ya’ll. Enjoy the last few days of J-Term, guys, really truly.


Cabin Fever

So I’m beginning to think that my immune system hates me. Like loathes me with a burning passion not dampened by doses of tylenol and vast amounts of gatorade. I think this is the … fifth time I’ve had a fever in the past you know … 8 months. Really? Really antibodies? Straighten up, fly high and quit allowing foreign invaders to take over my nose and throat. The other devastating news is that I’m eating my last pack of Yogo’s. Bad bad day.

However, there are bright spots in these despairing doldrums of doomdom. Yes, three d’s in a row. Takes talent. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, delightful no? Granted, it won’t be if I have to go the doctor, but let’s not think about that. I made it through my speech today, yep, including nuclear energy, Uranium isotopes and what a half-life is. Fun no? No laughing, I luffed it. Β In other news, I’m thinking of writing a few children stories, leprechauns, trolls and who knows what else. Fun hmm? But yes, until later ya’ll. May your immune systems stay totally healthy and may your antibodies stay totally peppy.


We’re Baacckkk

Has anyone seen that movie? Delightful installment including dinosaurs and children somewhere in New York. I think. Or perhaps that’s a troll in Central Park, which includes the cutest troll I’ve ever seen. There’s a bridge by my house, on a one lane road, or what equates to a one lane road, and every time we used to drive over it my dad would say there were trolls under it. The trolls under the bridge came from the old story of the Billy Goats. Remember them? They wanted to cross the bridge but the trolls wouldn’t let them.

That’s all I actually remember from the billy goat story. But somehow, that story branched off into another, and that story branched off into another, and suddenly it became one that directly relates to me. Neat isn’t it? It’s why I love stories I think, you can relate to them. Anyways, tis J-term crew. What I have decided is the most amazing thing in the entire world. It’s low stress. Yes, low stress. I said it. Who would have thought Queen Stress-a-Lot says that this is low stress. You know it has to be.

Dr. Siopsis brought us banana muffins today, amazing things, and we played Jeopardy. Which my team, go Boots, won. Yep, start to a great day; guaranteed. Even better … there was snow on the ground. Which was scraped off the sidewalks, causing parts of it to melt which made ice. I did not eat it. That might be even more impressive than the Queen Stress-a-Lot deal.

We’ve already written our first paper, and Monday we have our first project type thing. I’m talking about the technology and science involved in nuclear energy. Fission peeps, fission. With Uranium 235, which is generally used in creating energy. There’s also Uranium 238 and Uranium 236, but those are less used isotopes. The problem with Uranium is that it has a very long half life, which is half the time the molecule is radioactive. Neat no? I’m excited.

In other news, tomorrow has been dubbed ice skating day. Me and Grace and a bunch of other peeps are going down to the Ice Chalet around 2:30. We’re going to wipe out, laugh about it, and take lessons in the whole getting back up and trying again deal. So, if you would like to come, wear multiple socks and a hat. You’ll be set. Tis loads of fun. But until then, do stay warm, have loads of fun in the snow, cause it really does rock, and please peeps, get your homework done.

And oh yes, Kudos to Owen and Jacob. Way to go getting the essays done guys. High five.